Cost of Living in Canada's top 5 medical cities (updated Dec 2021)

Cost of Living in Canada's top 5 medical cities (updated Dec 2021)

It's no secret to anyone that Canadians' cost of living can vary widely from coast to coast. That said, these differences can still come as a shock to medical students and their families when beginning a residency, elective or undergraduate medical program. This week, we're breaking down the major costs of living in 5 top Canadian medical cities, so that you've got all the information you need in the lead-up to The Match!

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

2. Calgary, Alberta

3. Toronto, Ontario

4. London, Ontario

5. Montréal, Québec

These cost estimates are accurate as of December 2021, but bear in mind that your budgeting can be impacted by lots of factors! If you're looking for a larger unit, something outside the city centre, or if you eat out quite a bit and drive a car, these numbers can look quite different. Wherever you may find yourself matched, we hope to see you when it's time to find your very own #MedsHome!


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We hope this post finds you warm, well and safe in these unprecedented times. All the best from the MedsHousing Team.

All cost-of-living information was pulled from Numbeo.Com