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    How to Create an Account & Create a Listing


    There are 6 steps to creating a rental listing   



    To create an account, click on  on the top right corner of the home page and select “Landlord” and enter registration details.

    Once you have created your account, you may create your listing.

    To do so, on the main page click on 



    Select the package you wish to purchase:

    Enter the Listing title and Housing address information and click  



    Enter Housing Details, which includes the property type, number of rooms, cost to rent, amenities, which medical school it is located by and a detailed description of your rental property. Adding distances to medical schools, hospitals, clinics and local amenities (grocery shops, cafes, etc)  is helpful . These can be found on Google Maps/.



    Upload the photos you wish to include in your listing:

    Depending on your package, you can post up to 25 photos per listing.



    Next, confirm the dates your rental property will be available for and the duration.

    The calendar is set up to automatically make your property available immediately. If you wish to rent your property on a set day, you will need to block out the days/months prior to the desired date.

    For example, If you wish to rent your property starting July 1st for, you would click on June and block it off as not available (when dates are highlighted blue, it means those dates are not available).

    To block out an entire month, click on the name of the month at the top. If you click on a day, it will remove the blue blockout.

    When you have selected your desired dates click on 



    Review the details of the package you wish to purchase and click on 

    You can now enter your payment method details and confirm payment as shown below: This is where you will add a discount code if you have one.


    After you pay this invoice, you will be able to continue and complete your listing in the next step.

    *If you wish to receive notice by text (as well as on the dashboard and by email)  you will need to select MedsGold Subscription and tick the box on the description page.

    *Remember to check into your dashboard, (pressing save) weekly in order for the site to log when you were last “seen”.  This shows tenants you are an active landlord.



    One week prior to the listing expiration date, you will receive a renewal invoice. If you wish to renew, upgrade or downgrade, this is when you would do it. If you no longer wish to continue, the listing will go dormant.

    If your property is rented, update the listing by blocking out the dates it is rented for. You have the option to remove the property from view on the description section.

    If you wish to completely remove the listing information, delete the listing. If you do not delete , the listing can be reactivated in the future.

    Keep in mind, medical learners can often /search or book a few years in advance.  Keeping the listing in view allows these future tenants to reach out to you.

  • What is an Ideal MedsHousing property?

    Properties located close to:

    • Medical Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Medical teaching clinics
    • Known Rural Satellite Medical School Locations
    • Public transit if urban setting
    • Safe family suitable neighbourhoods 
    • Near amenities shopping

    The ideal property is well managed, clean, safe, updated, furnished or unfurnished, long term and short term, close to efficient transportation to medical facilities, medical schools and amenities. Parking is an asset.

    Many young trainees appreciate close access to fitness gyms, running biking paths, fresh food markets, and amenities.

    Many specialties require trainees to be within 20 minutes of the hospital.

    MedsHousing reserves the right, at our sole descretion, to remove any listings we perceive to be unsuitable for Medshousing.com clients.




  • Q: How do I know if there is interest in my listed property?

    You will receive a direct contact from the tenant by email requesting more information. Be sure to check your junk and spam files and set your email to receive emails from MedsHousing.com.

    You can also view contacts from your personal dashboard.

  • Q: Are MedsHousing.com listings verified?

    MedsHousing does not verify tenants. Landlords must do their own due dilligence and use prudence prior to any finanical transactions and committments.

    • Use appropriate leases that follow local landlord and tenant laws
    • Use all social media channels to google prospective tenants
    • Do Facetime, Skype, Zoom, telephone or do face to face meetings before signing with a tenant
    • DO NOT send money to overseas accounts to secure a tenant. This is a common scam.
    • Ask for identification, photo ID, proof of medical school enrolment, medical school reference to verify they are indeed medical trainees or health care workers
    • Most medical trainees have a public internet footprint: Do your research, check with student administration, look for publicly recognised acheivments, published articles,  etc.
  • Q: I want to rent my property to a medical learner. Does the property need to be furnished or unfurnished?

    A:  It depends on what type of tenant you are looking to rent to. If you live in a major teaching city, close to a university you may want to offer a long term rental for students who will be seeking accommodation for an extended period of time, typically spanning 2 to 5+ years, depending on the duration of their training program. In such instances, you have the flexibility to present your property as either furnished or unfurnished to cater to their needs and preferences.

    If you live in a smaller or rural community but near a teaching hospital, you will likely attract tenants looking for short-term accommodations, typically spanning 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the duration of their clinical placement. In this scenario, it would be preferable to offer a furnished property.

  • Q: I have an inquiry about my listing in the 'My Listing Inquiries' tab of my Dashboard, but I am unsure how to respond to them.

    A:  The dashboard serves as a contact log. If tenants are interested, they will contact you via email. Please keep an eye out for emails from potential tenants using the email address you provided when creating your listing. Kindly note that we do not have an internal messaging system.

  • Q: Should I offer my property to a medical learner for short or long-term?

    A:  Medical learners are enrolled in training typically have two types of housing requirements:

    1. Long-term accommodations: These are needed near their home institution for the duration of their training program, which can range from 2 to 5+ years, depending on the specific program they are enrolled in. 
    2. Short-term accommodations: On occasion, medical learners need to travel for elective training and seek accommodations near teaching hospitals or clinics in different cities, towns, provinces or even countries. These elective placements can be for as short as two weeks or as long as several months. In some cases, the programs may offer funding to students to cover their travel and accommodation expenses during these required learning experiences. 

    Therefore, medical learners may need both long-term and short-term accommodations depending on the stage and requirements of their training program. If you are from a small or rural town close to a teaching hospital, providing short-term accommodations would be the most desirable option. 

  • Q: How do I change the rental price for my listing?

    A: To update the listing price, please log into your dashboard and make the necessary changes. Once you have modified the price, be sure to click on the “Save” button to ensure the updated information is saved successfully.  

  • Q: I have an inquiry about my listing in the 'My Listing Inquiries' tab of my Dashboard, but I am unsure how to respond to them.

    A: The dashboard serves as a contact log. If tenants are interested, they will contact you via email. Please keep an eye out for emails from potential tenants using the email address you provided when creating your listing. Kindly note that we do not have an internal messaging system.

  • Q: Is there any way of reporting a no-show so other landlords have a heads up?

    A:  We recommend taking a deposit for any contracts you enter into with tenants, similar to what you would do for short or long-term tenants. Did the tenants provide any references? It might be helpful to notify their references, as it could discourage such behavior in the future.

    Although we currently lack a reporting system, we would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us about the tenant. This feedback will assist us in considering a policy for addressing such situations in the future.

  • Q: Can I remove one property listing and replace it with another under the same subscription fee? I have successfully found a tenant and would like to post another property.

    A:  The subscription charges are calculated per listing. However, if you intend to post another property, you qualify for a 50% discount on the second listing. Kindly check your dashboard for further details after logging in.

  • Q:how do I cancel my listing?

    A: To cancel the listing simply do not pay the renewal invoice sent out one week before your listing expires. 

  • Q: Does MedsHousing collect rent and submit it to the landlord, similar to AirBNB?

    A: No. MedsHousing is solely a platform to connect landlords and tenants. We do not participate in any transactions between tenants and landlords.

  • Q: My listing has been up for one month but I have not received any interest so I posted on a student website and have rented my property. I would like to cancel my listing.

    A: Medical Students and healthcare providers are not on the usual calendar rotation undergraduate students are on.  

    Medical training does not run Sept to April, which undergraduate non medical students  school terms run. If you wish to secure a tenant for Sept to April only, other websites may be more fitting for your property. 

    We are very familiar with other student housing websites. They are super for their target undergraduate student demographic.

    We are a service for mature postgraduate learners in a profession and healthcare providers.

    To cancel the listing simply do not pay the renewal invoice sent out one week before your listing expires.

  • Q: How do I change my pictures for an existing posting?

    A:  Go to your main dashboard and select the listing # you wish to edit on the dropdown at the top of the page.

     Then click on the “Add Pictures to my Listing” button.

    To upload new pictures, you can click on the Browse button at the bottom of the page. Then select “Upload one or more file(s) from your computer”.

    You can either drag and drop or manually select the photos you wish to upload. 

    Once uploaded, review the image and provide a title for the image (example - bathroom, balcony, etc.).

    Note: If you have uploaded the maximum number of photos, you will have to delete one to replace it with another. To do so, you can click on the trash can icon on the image. Please note, once you click on it, the image will delete immediately so be sure it's the image you want to delete. 

    Next, proceed to upload new images as instructed above.


  • Q: I am a new landlord. Does MedsHousing have any template rental agreement forms or contracts you can share with me?

    A: MedsHousing.com does not offer direct support for landlords looking to rent out their properties. To assist you in this process, we recommend reaching out to your local Landlord and Tenant Board. They can provide valuable guidance and resources to facilitate your landlord journey.

  • Q: Can I sync my MedsHousing calendar to AirBnB?

    A: You have the option to connect your Airbnb calendar with the MedsHousing calendar. To sync your MedsHousing calendar with Airbnb, you'll require their authorization. 

  • Q: I'm interested in using your platform to list my properties on your site and would like to know if I need to pay per listing?

    A:  Multiple property owners receive 50 % off second and subsequent listings.(Second and subsequent listings must be within the same category ie MedsBasic month, MedsBasic Year or  MedsGold to be eligible for the discount.) 

  • What is my local medical school?
    •  Sometime it is not very obvious what medical school is in the area, particulalry for the rural locations.
    • If the medical school has multiple campuses, rural locations, partnered with Heath Organizations it too can be hard to find.



    • Ask you personal physician, call the local hospital and ask for medical education. THey should be able to direct you.
    • Google 'Medical School near me'

    If you still can't find out if medical trainees are working in your local health care facilites, pop us an email and we can try to find out for you.

    info@medshousing.com (include you location,  address of your property etc)