FAQ for landlords

  • What is an Ideal MedsHousing property?

    Properties located close to:

    • Medical Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Medical teaching clinics
    • Known Rural Satellite Medical School Locations
    • Public transit if urban setting
    • Safe family suitable neighbourhoods 
    • Near amenities shopping

    The ideal property is well managed, clean, safe, updated, furnished or unfurnished, long term and short term, close to efficient transportation to medical facilities, medical schools and amenities. Parking is an asset.

    Many young trainees appreciate close access to fitness gyms, running biking paths, fresh food markets, and amenities.

    Many specialties require trainees to be within 20 minutes of the hospital.

    MedsHousing reserves the right, at our sole descretion, to remove any listings we perceive to be unsuitable for Medshousing.com clients.




  • How do I know if there is interest in my listed property?

    You will receive a direct contact from the tenant by email requesting more information. Be sure to check your junk and spam files and set your email to receive emails from MedsHousing.com.

    You can also view contacts from your personal dashboard.

  • Are MedsHousing.com listings verified?

    MedsHousing does not verify tenants. Landlords must do their own due dilligence and use prudence prior to any finanical transactions and committments.

    • Use appropriate leases that follow local landlord and tenant laws
    • Use all social media channels to google prospective tenants
    • Do Facetime, Skype, Zoom, telephone or do face to face meetings before signing with a tenant
    • DO NOT send money to overseas accounts to secure a tenant. This is a common scam.
    • Ask for identification, photo ID, proof of medical school enrolment, medical school reference to verify they are indeed medical trainees or health care workers
    • Most medical trainees have a public internet footprint: Do your research, check with student administration, look for publicly recognised acheivments, published articles,  etc.
  • What is my local medical school?
    •  Sometime it is not very obvious what medical school is in the area, particulalry for the rural locations.
    • If the medical school has multiple campuses, rural locations, partnered with Heath Organizations it too can be hard to find.



    • Ask you personal physician, call the local hospital and ask for medical education. THey should be able to direct you.
    • Google 'Medical School near me'

    If you still can't find out if medical trainees are working in your local health care facilites, pop us an email and we can try to find out for you.

    info@medshousing.com (include you location,  address of your property etc)