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McLaren Graduate Medical Education

McLaren Health Care, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan,

UMHS clinical students 

Graduate Medical Education oversees all of MHCC's residency and fellowship programs. Please select one of our GME sites below or use the Find a Training Program search for more information.

Our well-established relationship with Michigan State University's colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine generates a consistent roster of eager and energetic undergraduate medical students, and our systems' well-respected residency programs attract high-quality post-graduate students to our hospitals. McLaren is proud of our residents and their contributions to quality healthcare. They bring the newest ideas and fresh perspectives to our facilities -- a process that helps assure positive attitudes and leading-edge techniques.

This school has multiple campuses

McLaren Graduate Medical Education
McLaren Health Care 1 McLaren Parkway
Grand Blanc
Michigan - United States

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