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  • What is your Local Medical School or Hospital?
    • Check the various names for the local medical school or hospital nearby with a quick google: 'Medical School or hospital near me'
    • Often Medical Schools  have the offical name changed after large donations etc. Keep this in mind. 
    • More recently medical schools send their trainees to remote rural locations or they have several campuses leaners are sent out to for various lengths of time. Ask your local health care connections.
    • MedsHousing.com  caters to Medical Professional learners, short term locums, contract Medical Professionals and long term permanent placments of Medical Professionals.
    • Can't find what school(s) and hospital(s) service your area?  Pop us an email and we'll try to find out for you  info@MedsHousing.com
    • First time landlord for the medical community and wanting to help out with 'Housing for Healthcare'? Send us an email if you are needing some guidance. info@MedsHousing.com
  • What exactly is MedsHousing.com?

    MedsHousing.com is a global platform founded by a dedicated team of medical community members who aim to alleviate the housing search stress experienced during medical training and for Medical Professionals seeking accommodations near their workplaces. Our platform also provides an avenue for landlords with properties in proximity to clinics, medical schools, and hospitals to connect with the medical community.

    The need for housing solutions for medical students and professionals extends across urban centers, rural communities, and remote locations. We are committed to addressing healthcare shortages by offering 'Housing for Healthcare' in smaller and more remote communities. We actively invite landlords who are interested in contributing to this initiative by providing their homes and rentals in rural and urban areas to join us.

    At MedsHousing.com, you can discover listings in major teaching centers worldwide, and our platform continues to expand daily. Whether you're in search of short-term or long-term housing, you can find options that are:

    • Located near hospitals and clinics
    • Close to medical school campuses
    • Ideal for rural placements
    • Near satellite medical school campuses
    • Available in furnished and unfurnished conditions
    • Suitable for away rotations

    Explore our platform to find the perfect housing solution tailored to your needs.

  • I haven't received any replies to my listing

    There could be a few reasons you have't received a good response.

    Check your spam/junk folder:
    • Make sure you have added info@MedsHousing.com to your contacts and address book to prevent automatic filing to trash and junk.
    • (Google 'how to white list an email address')
    Photos and presentation: (ask a friend: would you stay here?)
    • Are you in the price range of other properties: too high? Too low?
    • Enough short brief points highlighting the home, neighbourhood and commute to medical facilities.
    • Do the pictures look inviting and show well?
    • Too much clutter? Toilet seat up? Curtains half open, messy.
    • Ask a friend to objectively look at your listing. Is it straight to the point? Key features highlighted?
    • Often medical trainees book site unseen due to their rigourous schedules.
    Poor time of the year:
    • there are specific times of the year medical trainees search for housing.
      • July generally the start of internship, residency and fellowship (longer term 1-2+ years)
      • August Sept new medical students gernerally start their year (Some medical schools have varied intake dates)
      • various times of the year medical trainees do short term electives, away rotations, observerships,  requiring furnished accommodations away from their home medical schools
    • Medical trainees can be sporadic with their commiunication. Often exams, night rotations, on call, application deadlines etc get in ther way of their ability to reach out ansd search. Make it easy for them. Facetime. Skype, Zoom, Teams. (Don't be surprised if you receive followup communication in the middle of the night after radio silence for weeks. They are probably in panic mode, worried they have not secured a place to stay)


  • Are your contact emails going into spam?

    Make sure you add info@MedsHousing.com to your contacts or address book. This helps to eliminate losing important messages from prospectivve landlords or tenants. Check your Spam folder every few days. Make sure you do not miss an opportunity.. Many institutional servers have agressive spam filters. (for good reason!)