FAQ for tenants

  • Do I need to use my institution email to register?

    It is not imperative to use your medical school affiliation email, but using it verifies your relationship with the medical community,  which helps the landlord confirm you are who you say you are!

  • Is there anything for clinical elective housing?
    • MedsHousing has multiple listings from independant landlords for short term, long term, furnished and unfurnished
    • Medical trainees can post their property (providing permitted by landlord, local authorities and condo boards) while doing away rotations
  • Are properties only available in Canada?
    • MedsHousing is a global listing service. We market to Medical schools all over the world.
    • Leaving for residency and had a fabulous landlord? Don't hesitate to recommend them!
    • Offer to provide references to incoming medical trainees. It is always comforting to know someone who has lived in the location and can recommend the landlord.
  • I am too busy to keep checking the listings. What can I do.

    We know it is a busy time, applicattions, exams, clinical.

    • Place a 'MEDS Want Ad' and let landlords find you!
    • Landlords who have a paid Meds GOLD subscription can access the 'housing wanted' section and send out a messge to you. Check to be sure you have info@MedsHousing.com  in your contact list.. and avoid losing and messages sent to your email !
  • Are the landlords verified?

    MedsHousing Inc does not verify listings or prospective tenants.


    • Ask for references from previous medical community member tenants, make sure you contatc them. 
    • Ask references re: landlord response times for maintenance, cleanliness,
    • Ask good questions such as: 'have you met the landlord in person?
    • Conduct a Facetime, Zoom, some sort of face to face interview with prospective landlord.
    • Ask for proof of ownership of the flat or home.
    • Ask for proof of permision from landlord to sublet, proof of condo bylaws allowing short term rentals.
    • Ask (make sure you research) if the local town laws require landlords to hold rental licenses and ask for proof of their registration.
    • Copy the listing text, Google it, see if you find a  similar listing on other webs sites.
    • Often fraudulent listings have copied texts and photos from other real estate sites.
    • Do a reverse google image search. See if the pictures are ripped from other sites.
    • NEVER SEND MONEY unless you have confirmed all of the above, signed a lease, don't your due diligence and are comfortable this is a legitimate landlord.



    If you find there is a questionable listing, please alert info@MedsHousing.com immediately with 'Urgent Potential Fraud listing' in the subject line. Send the listing ID# and address at the minimum, and a brief decription of your findings if you have the time.





  • I have a great landlord, can I refer them to MedsHousing?

    Have a great landlord and you are moving on?

    We love Medical Trainees to recommend landlords and properties to www.MedsHousing.com!

    Send the landlord to the site (url) and make sure you tell them why you feel the property is a  great MedsHousing home!  If you email us their contact we can offer them a discount Promo code to try us out!

    (Don't forget to tell your landlord what medical school to link to! Not everyone knows which medical school is serving their community, particularly if it is a secondary or rural campus.


    Great properties may have:

    • super attentive landlord
    • lots of medical trainees in the neighbourhood
    • close to training facilites
    • close to amenities
    • no need for a car
    • safe to run, cycle and enjoy off call
    • fittness facilities
    • easy public transit to hospiltals and medical school
    • safe and easy living
    • clean and well equiped
    • great value


  • Do I need a separate account to post my own place while I do away rotations?

    Currently we require you to have two separate acccounts.

    1. A TENANT account to post a  housing want ad and/or to contact  landlords
    2. A LANDLORD account for your own property listing. (you need to use a different email to the Tenant email registered.)  Away on electives? Why not post your place and help another medical learner find a great spot.

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