FAQ for tenants

  • Do I need to use my institution email to register?

    It is not imperative to use your medical school or hospital affiliation email, but using it verifies your relationship with the medical community,  which helps the landlord confirm you are who you say you are!

  • Is there anything for clinical elective housing?
    • MedsHousing.com has multiple listings from independant landlords for short term, long term, furnished and unfurnished
    • Medical trainees can post their property (providing permitted by landlord, local authorities, bylaws  and condo boards) while doing away rotations or placements.
  • Are properties only available in Canada?

    MedsHousing.com is a global listing service that caters to Medical Learners and Medical Professionals worldwide.

    If you're leaving for residency and have had an excellent experience with your landlord, we encourage you to share your recommendation. Providing references for incoming medical trainees and Medical Professionals can be invaluable. Having someone who has lived in the same location and can vouch for the landlord offers peace of mind during the housing search process. Your feedback can help create a supportive community within the medical housing network.

  • What to say in my WANT AD


    Here are some suggestions to make your ad stand out and receive inquiries.

    Title: Medical Professional Seeking Housing

    About Me:

    • [Your Profession] with [X] years of experience. (Ie: MD, RN, NP, MW) (PGY? M? Year of school, what is the current school?  locum, temp, contract etc) 
    • Quiet, responsible, and clean tenant.
    • [Any Specific Preferences or Interests]. 


    1. Location: Proximity to [Hospital/Clinic Name].
    2. Furnished/Unfurnished/doesn't matter 
    3. Amenities: [List Any Specific Amenities].
    4. Bedrooms: [X] bedrooms required.
    5. Parking: [Specify Parking Needs].
    6. Lease Length: [Month-to-month/ X months].
    7. Shared or Individual: Prefer [Shared/Individual] housing.


    • [Your Contact Information and best time and method: email, call, text) 

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • I am too busy to keep checking the listings. What can I do.

    We understand it's a hectic time with applications, exams, clinicals, and trying to maintain a personal life.

    Solution: Place a 'MEDS Want Ad' and let landlords find you! Let them know where the demand is too! 

    Landlords with a paid Meds GOLD subscription can access the 'Tenant want ADS' section (upper right tab)  and send messages directly to you. Ensure that you have info@MedsHousing.com added to your contact list to avoid losing any messages sent to your email!

  • Are the landlords verified?


    FAQ: Are the landlords verified?

    Answer: MedsHousing Inc does not verify listings or prospective tenants. It is the responsibility of users to conduct due diligence and ensure the legitimacy of the landlords and listings. Here are some tips to help you verify landlords:

    1. Ask for references: Request references from previous medical community member tenants and make sure to contact them. Inquire about landlord response times for maintenance, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction.

    2. Conduct interviews: Have a face-to-face interview with the prospective landlord through platforms like Facetime or Zoom. Ask questions about their property management style and ensure you feel comfortable with them.

    3. Proof of ownership and permission: Request proof of ownership of the property and confirmation of permission from the landlord to sublet. Additionally, ask for evidence of compliance with condo bylaws if applicable.

    4. Check local laws: Research local town laws to determine if landlords are required to hold rental licenses. Ask for proof of registration if applicable in your area.

    5. Google the listing: Copy the listing text and search for it on Google. Look for similar listings on other websites. Fraudulent listings often have copied texts and photos from legitimate real estate sites.

    6. Reverse image search: Use a reverse Google image search to check if the property photos are taken from other websites. This can help identify potential scams.

    7. Never send money without verification: Only proceed with payments after confirming all the above steps, signing a lease, and ensuring you have conducted thorough due diligence. Do not send money unless you are certain the landlord and listing are legitimate.

    If you come across a questionable listing, please alert info@MedsHousing.com immediately with 'Urgent Potential Fraud listing' in the subject line. Include the listing ID#, address, and a brief description of your findings. Your vigilance helps maintain the integrity of the platform.





  • I have a great landlord, can I refer them to MedsHousing?

    Absolutely! We love it when medical trainees recommend landlords and properties to MedsHousing.com. If you have a fantastic landlord and are moving onto the next stage, share the love by sending them to our site.

    Encourage your landlord to visit MedsHousing.com and make sure to let them know why you think their property would make a great MedsHousing home! If you email info@MedsHousing.com with their contact information, we can offer them a discount promo code to try out MedsHousing.com.

    Don't forget to inform your landlord about which medical school to link to. Not everyone is aware of the medical school serving their community, especially if it's a secondary or rural campus.

    Great MedsHousing.com properties MAY have some or all of the following features:

    • Super attentive landlord
    • Lots of medical learners or medical professionals in the neighborhood
    • Proximity to training facilities such as Medical School or Hospital
    • Close to amenities with no need for a car
    • Safe for running, cycling, and enjoying off-call moments
    • Fitness facilities
    • Easy access to public transit for hospitals and/or medical school
    • Safe and convenient living environment
    • Clean and well-equipped spaces
    • Great value for the rental
    • Rural community setting relatively close to the hospital

    Help us build a community of quality MedsHousing Landlords by spreading the word and bringing in more wonderful landlords to our platform! FYI We REALLY love to find new rural landlords! 


  • Do I need a separate account to post my own place while I do away rotations?

    Yes, currently, you will need to create two separate accounts using two distinct email addresses to facilitate the process of posting your own place during away rotations:

    1. TENANT Account:

      • Use this account to post a housing Meds Want Ad.
      • Enables you to contact landlords regarding available listings.
    2. LANDLORD Account:

      • Use a different email address from the one registered for your Tenant account.
      • Utilize this account to list your own property for potential tenants.

    The dual-account system helps streamline the process and ensures clear communication between tenants and landlords. If you're away on electives and have a place to share, creating a LANDLORD account allows you to contribute to the community by providing a suitable spot for fellow medical learners or professionals. This setup ensures that both parties have the necessary functionalities for their respective needs within the platform.