New Year New... Apartment? 5 Renter-Friendly ways to refresh your space in the new year

Each year, many of us head into the new year with hope, optimism, and hoping to make a change to improve their day-to-day. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is by renovating or refreshing your living space. As renters, sometimes the possibilities are limited, but here are the 5 top ways to make your rental feel like home for the best version of you:

1. Bring in some life!

One of the best options for inexpensive, life-improving decor are low-maintenance plants! Try out a hardy variety like a Pothos or a Snake Plant for air quality improvements, mood-boosting benefits, and a pop of greenery wherever you need it!

2. Soften your lighting

Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation - but harsh overhead lighting can cause more anxiety than anything else. Aim for warm lighting in layers of depth for a natural, soothing effect. We like this inexpensive floor lamp from Ikea, and love to add some coziness  with these soft table lamps from Urban Outfitters.

3. Make your morning shower feel like the spa

An easy way to quickly improve your day-to-day life is to upgrade the things you use every day! Many rentals come with less-than-optimal showerheads, and that towel from Ikea isn't doing you (or your dryer) any favours. Try a high-pressure massaging showerhead from Waterpik, or upgrade your drying options with this high-value, high-fluff Move-In set from Brooklinen.

4. Get creative with your windows!

Listen, I totally get why rentals are neutral. They need to appeal to everyone - so they play it safe, with whites, beiges and neutral tones. That doesn't mean YOU have to! If you can't paint or make any permanent changes, consider livening up your window coverings for a removable upgrade that can come with you when you leave! We love these sleek, sheer, yet stylish panels from Urban Outfitters - or for a simpler option, try these lovely natural-toned panels from Bouclair!

5. Create captivating cabinets…

Or dressers, or drawers! Either way, anything with a knob or pull can be easily taken to the next level with custom hardware! One of the easiest and cheapest swaps you can make, this fix is ultra-portable, and gives any space a unique touch. Try these beautiful knobs from V de V, or these sleek brass handles from CB2!

We hope these tips find you safe, happy and well in this new year! When it's time for you to move into your new space, please tag us in your #MedsHome!


See you soon!