5 must-have IKEA items for a furnished rental that combines form and function

5 must-have IKEA items for a furnished rental that combines form and function

This week, we're addressing a common question that we get all the time from our landlords here at MedsHousing - “What can I buy to make my furnished unit stylish, functional and ideally multipurpose?”


Space is at a premium, storage is king, and curb appeal is critically important, so this week, we're rounding up the five best items at IKEA to set up a furnished rental that combines form and function.

1. A great sofa bed


This is a no-brainer! If your tenant has a family member visiting, or if you rent to a family, it will certainly come in handy to have a sofa in place that not only looks good, but also doubles as an extra place to sleep! 


Some great options from IKEA include the FRIHETEN sectional with plenty of storage, or the eponymous FÄRLÖV sofa bed for smaller spaces. Both of these sofa beds are totally customizable as well, with the help of ultra-high-quality slipcovers from BEMZ.

2. Clever and pretty storage options


Clutter can quickly make a space look smaller than it actually is, and one of the very best ways to reduce clutter is by making storage stylish! These creative storage options from IKEA are cost-effective, versatile, and guaranteed to make your mess a thing of the past!

The ultra-popular GAMLEHULT footstool combines a pretty rattan ottoman with a handy storage option, and all for an attractive price! Another great option is the BOSNÄS storage ottoman, which comes in classic black and an electric yellow. This ottoman is a super-affordable, super-practical addition to any home!

3. A table that makes room for friends and family


If your tenant is single, they probably don't need a huge dining table every night of the week. That said, when Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter roll around, people tend to appreciate a little extra table space to share the holidays with friends and family.

Fortunately, IKEA has your back with a great selection of extendable dining tables for every budget. Our favourites include the EKEDALEN, for a space-conscious home, and the VANGSTA, for an multifunctional, sturdy and affordable option.

4. Small size, high utility

A fan-favourite item from IKEA, time and time again, is the little cart that keeps on giving. The RÅSKOG utility cart can be a bathroom caddy, a mobile bar, a coffee station, a junk drawer and so much more! At under $50, this multifunctional, stylish and mobile storage item is a must-have for any apartment. Bonus points if you have more than one!

5. Home sweet home

Okay, so this last section isn't multifunctional, space-saving, or able to transform in moments. Sometimes, the best way to make a rental feel like home is to make it feel cozy - rather than just convenient. We love IKEA's selection of affordable houseplants (both real and immortal), high-quality throws, and cost-effective wall décor. IKEA has gone to great lengths to make it easier than ever to make any space feel like home. Take advantage of their efforts - your tenants will thank you for it!

That's it for us this week at MedsHousing! Match Day is just 2 short weeks away for our US tenants, so it's more important than ever for our MedsGold members to keep an eye on those tenant Want Ads! Make sure you avoid the housing scramble, and get started early on your search for a quality tenant with MedsHousing!