3 great reasons to prioritize active transportation this spring!

The days get longer, the sun gets warmer, and it's almost time to start thinking about getting around actively again! The winter is great for transit, taxis and cars, but once spring gets underway - you can't beat cycling!


This week's blog post focuses on the benefits of active transportation, and we'll take a look at some great options as well!


First and foremost, active transportation (whether by bike, scooter or foot) is one of the best things that we can do as individuals for the environment! Many of us choose to recycle, to turn the lights out when we leave a room, or to carry a reusable mug for our morning coffee. These interventions are wonderful, and adding an active transportation day to your weekly routine only reduces your carbon footprint further! Consider starting or joining a club at your workplace or apartment to support and motivate each other!

Next, there's a reason it's called “active” transportation! Many of us spend far too much time sitting in our day-to-day lives, and walking from a car to a desk chair doesn't strictly count as exercise. Taking an active mode of transportation to work is an excellent way to inject some energy into your day, and increase your heart rate for the benefit of your cardiovascular system! If you're short on time, consider a convenient option like the Brampton bike! This innovative bicycle is lightweight and folds down to a convenient carrying size - allowing you to bike one way, and fold it up to stow on transit for the ride back!

Last but certainly not least, being a medical student naturally comes with living on a budget! With transit passes costing upwards of $50 a month, it doesn't take long before the savings of active transportation begin to make themselves known! Cycling or walking to work is not only good for the planet and your health - but for your wallet too!

Of course, these incredible benefits are only feasible if you live near enough to your workplace to take advantage of them! That's why at MedsHousing, we encourage landlords to state exactly how far their listings are from major city hospitals. We really believe in helping students find quality homes that make their lives easier and more convenient!


That's all for us this week, take care, get outside, and enjoy the sun!