One super essential item for your home you just can't do without.


Thursday, January 12, 2023

How many coffee filter uses can you come up with that don't include coffee?

We have found 30!  Head to the Dollar Store and pick up a stack. 



  1. Filtering liquids: Use a coffee filter to strain liquids such as stocks, broths, homemade ghee, homemade juices and cork bits from a bottle of wine.

  2. Cleaning windows: Use a coffee filter to clean windows and mirrors, it will leave them streak-free.

  3. Christmas ornament storage: Wrap your ornaments in a filter to prevent damage.

  4. Polishing silverware: Use a coffee filter to polish silverware, it will remove tarnish without scratching.

  5. Plate storage: Place afilter between dishes to prevent chipping.

  6. Planting seedlings: Use a coffee filter to start seedlings, it is biodegradable and will break down in the soil.

  7. Gardening: Flower pot liner to prevent soil from running out of the hole. 

  8. Dusting: Use a coffee filter to dust furniture and other surfaces, it will trap dust and debris.

  9. Pots and pan storage: Place filter in between pots and pans to prevent scratching. 

  10. Storing food: Use a coffee filter to store fresh fruits and vegetables, or line a cookie tin or tupperware. it will absorb excess moisture.

  11. Making tea: Use a coffee filter to make loose leaf tea, it will keep the leaves out of your cup.

  12. Straining yogurt: Use a coffee filter to strain homemade yogurt to make Greek yogurt.

  13. Grease a baking dish: Use a fliter to butter/oil  a baking dish instead of paper towels. 

  14. Absorbing spills: Use a coffee filter to absorb spills and messes, it will soak up liquid quickly. Great for your car cup holder; catch the drips.

  15. Popsicle drip catcher: punch a hole in the filter, pull the stick through, handy yoke to catch the dribbles

  16. Watercolour: Great blotter for dabbing excess paint on the brush or excess paint on the canvas. 

  17. Taco Holder: Great way to carry and eat tacos, hot dogs, burgers and pita pockets. 

  18. Strainer for homemade jelly: Use a coffee filter to strain homemade jelly or jam to remove seeds and pulp.

  19. Clean eye specs: Use a filter to clean sunglasses, eye glasses; they are lint free.

  20. Cleaning camera lenses: Use a coffee filter to clean camera lenses, it will remove smudges and fingerprints without scratching.

  21. Metal polish: Use a filter to polish silver, faucets and stainless appliances streak free. 

  22. Oil absorber: Drain bacon or french fries in a bowl lined with a coffee filter, super absorbent. 

  23. Decorating: Use a coffee filter to create delicate decorations or to add texture to art projects.

  24. Wrapping delicate items: Use a coffee filter to wrap delicate items such as glassware and ornaments for storage or travel.

  25. Fresh herb storage: Wrap a lightly damp filter around the stems of herbs to store in the fridge.

  26. Food Scale: Place on scale to measure food items. Easy pick up and clean up.  

  27. Microwave Splatters: Throw a filter over the food to prevent splatters inside.

  28. Wrapping sandwiches: Use a coffee filter to wrap sandwiches, it will keep bread from getting soggy.

  29. Snowflakes: Kiddie art. Fold multiple times and cut out to create snowflakes. They can paint or colour the filter first. "Tie Dye" with food colour. 

  30. Makeshift snack holder: Biodegradable snack bowl for chips, popcorn or cheerios! Save the dishes.