How to create an appealing rental listing for medical students

Monday, July 24, 2023

How to Create a Rental Listing Tailored to Medical Students


To create an appealing rental listing for medical students, you'll want to highlight features and amenities that are particularly attractive to this target audience. Medical students often have specific needs and preferences due to their demanding schedules and study requirements. Here are some tips to make your rental ad stand out:


1. Make your subject title as unique and appealing as possible:  Use keywords such as "medical student-friendly," "close to medical campus," or "walking distance to hospitals" in your title and description to catch their attention such as the examples below:


“Furnished quaint one-bedroom flat, with cozy study nook, lots of sunlight and walking distance to hospital.”


“You're a Medical Student who works hard! Enjoy your off time in a fully furnished, comfortable updated 2 bedroom apartment surrounded by nature.”


2. Appealing images and videos: Use high-quality images and, if possible, a video tour to give potential tenants a better understanding of the property. This makes a BIG difference when Medical Students are looking for accommodations they cannot visit ahead of time if traveling from out of town.


3. High-speed internet: Reliable and fast internet is crucial for medical students who often need to access online resources for their studies and research.


4. Quiet and conducive environment: Highlight a peaceful and study-friendly atmosphere, as medical students often need to focus on their studies and may appreciate a quiet living space.


 5. Study or home office area: If your rental property has a designated study area or home office space, make sure to showcase it in the ad.


6. Safety and security: Mention any security features of the property and the surrounding neighborhood to reassure prospective tenants.


7. Flexible rental terms: Offer flexible rental durations to accommodate medical students' varying academic schedules, such as weekly or monthly options.


8. Affordable pricing: While medical students might have a stable source of income during their studies, they often prefer cost-effective housing options.


9. Transportation access: Mention nearby public transportation options, as many medical students rely on buses, trains, or bikes to commute to their institutions.


11. Community amenities: If your property is part of a community with amenities like a gym, study rooms, or communal spaces, highlight these benefits.


12. Occupancy & Pet policy: Clarify whether your rental property is family &/or pet-friendly, as some medical students may have families who will visit or accompany them.


13. Share positive testimonials: If you have previously rented to medical students and received positive feedback, consider including these testimonials in your ad. You may also want to leave a testimonial booklet in your rental for medical students to leave positive reviews.


14. Responsive communication: Be prompt and professional in responding to inquiries from interested medical students.


**Remember to comply with fair housing laws and treat all potential tenants equally. Avoid using any language or criteria that could be seen as discriminatory. Present your rental property as an excellent option for medical students looking for a convenient and comfortable place to call home during their studies.

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