Match Day 2024. What is Resident Match Day in USA and Canada?

USA and Canada Medical Student Match Days:

The Match

USA: March 15, 2024

Canada: March 19, 2024

Why is "The Match" important in every medical student's career?

Match day is the day when medical students in the United States and Canada learn where they will be completing their residency training. It typically takes place in March every year. This year (2024) it is March 15th in USA and March 19 in Canada.

The matching process is overseen by a centralized organization called the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) in the US and the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) in Canada.

Medical students rank the programs where they want to complete their residency, and residency programs rank the applicants they want to accept. The matching algorithm then pairs students and programs based on their preferences.

Match Day is a highly anticipated event for medical students as it determines the next step in their career path and also where this will take place. It can be a nerve-wracking experience as students eagerly await the results of the match process.
Once the students "Match" they then have to scramble to find accommodations in the city they have matched to, start date generally in July, and still continure with their studies, clinical work, exams and preparation for a major move. landlords can make the transition more seamless for this super group of keen, soon to be doctors.


  • Have a Matterport Video Tour created: (google for your local Matterport photographer) Most of these learners are unable to visit their future location multiple times. Providing a MATTERPORT reality video tour makes it very easy for a prospective tenant to decide if the property meets their needs.
  • Great description of the area and highlights: Provide information in your description to assist the prospective tenant imagine the community and area. Add the things you enjoy about living in the area
  • Add a distances from the property to: (walk, bike, drive:use google maps for these distances)-hospitals-medical schools-clinics-local amenities
  • GREAT PHOTOS we cannot express the need to take super photos. This is your first line of introduction. Daylight or loads of lighting to make the rooms look bright. Clear away fomr photo view clutter. Add a bit of green. Buy one plant and move it room to room for photos. Add a punch of colour. Throw cushions? a vase? a stack of books ? 

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